Thursday, September 21, 2017

Aesthetics Philosophies

This Photograph represents realism.  It is taken in direct sunlight in my yard and is very realisticly shown as close to life as possible.  The Aesthetic Philosophy is therefore Aristotle.

This Photograph was taken in Wyoming at the Grand Teton's national park.  When I saw it it was extreme beauty!  I believe the photograph as I edited it became perfection, and therefore, the Aesthetic Philosophy is Platonic.

This photograph is an extreme close-up.  It was the back of the computer with the cable showing.  But you would not know that when looking at it, it is therefore abstracted through simplification.  The Aesthetic Philosophy is possibly Richards, as you probably think that I am communicating about the line and shadow.  

This photograph of a painting was fractured by an App on my iPad.  I can identify the elements of shape, multiple squares, and colors, nothing else.  I therefore believe that the Aesthetic Philosophy again is probably Richards, as I am communicating about the beauty of squares.

This Photograph is distorted.   It is interesting, but extremely hard to figure out what is going on other than the colors and the strange shape.  Again I could say that the Aesthetic Philosopy  is Richards, but I also could make an argument for Avante Guarde, which is doing something which has not been done before, or pushing the boundries  of art, which is perhaps questionable.

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