Thursday, February 14, 2019

Write about your Art work using the elements and Principles of Design

The first element in this work that stands out to me is color. I used a complementary color scheme in making it which uses the colors of red and green.  The second element of design that I see is organic shape.  The big green and red shapes in the sky are organic in nature,  The third element I see is line.  There are dark jagged lines as well and the general outlines for the shapes.  The last element that I see is space. There is an illusion of a far away landscape in this with the dark color making the land and the moon in the distance of the sky.

The firs principle of design that stands out to me is symmetrical balance.  Because the moon is in the middle it has an approximate symmetry.  The second principle that stands out to me is proportion or size.  The moon is very small which creates deeper space and its size is important to the piece.  The next principle that I see is a kind of repetition in the green stripes in the sky, which create subtle movement.  The focal point is the moon, and it is has unity in the way it is painted, but variety in shades of green.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Elements of color

Are Some Things too Weird to be Art?

Color Scheme Examples

This is an example of one color black and white monochromatic.

This is an example of complementary colors.

Triadic color scheme.
Analogous Color Scheme.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019